Nekkara Palke Group - NP Group has found recognition for fineness in each of its projects. The group’s motive is to design and develop superior quality in each projects which has enabled it to gauge the pulse of the customer.   We pioneer the manufacture of Interlocks and Concrete Cement Bricks and blocks. We also undertake the construction project and contracts for Commercial, Educational or Residential buildings.

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N.P Industries Interlocks & Cement Bricks Manufactures

NP Industries are manufacturers of cement concrete bricks and interlocks. NP Industries has a very well equiped machinery for the manufacture of Interlocks and cement bricks.

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Place where you live in or run your business, is your dream, we support your this dream come true.
Construction is our main work. We can construct anything imaginable except for the ladder to heaven. Need help? We are just a call away.
We design your ideas. Designing is our main work. We can create design for anything.
Interior Design
Interiors are very important for your please stay in a building. We properly create wonderful interior to your satisfaction
We also renovate any type of buildings and change them to entirely new place where you wish to stay in.
Material Supply
We manufacture and supply each and every material need for your construction, especially durable interlocks, bricks and blocks at a very reasonable price as well as best quality.
We provide advisory service for vastu related queries, material related queries, quotation related queries, technical queries, or any type of construction related queries.
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Construction - Completed
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Kolyar Mutt Road, Gumpa. Udupi, Karnataka
E-mail: thenpgroups@gmail.com Phone: +91 7483168889 / +91 9481018324